1-2 BR flat in Ashford, Woking, Ottershaw or Addlestone for a family of 4 (with 3 and 6 yo sons)

Hi, I am looking to rent a 1-2 BR property near St Peter s Hospital or Ashford Hospital immediately.
Thank you!

You can’t live in a 1 bed with 2 kids. Be realistic. It’s a crappy situation with the market at the moment, but if you put up with that kind of thing - being stuffed into a 1 bed flat with 4 of you - it’ll just make things worse for everyone. Part of the problem at the moment is people who will put up with living in substandard situations.

Demand better. Be patient. And if you can’t be patient or can’t afford to live reasonably in that area, look somewhere that fits your needs. If there’s two adults and you can’t afford a two bed flat - you’re not earning enough to live in the South/South East. Sorry if that offends.