1 bed flat/House (rent) wanted - prefer Morley, Leeds

Professional, clean, responsible adult male wanting single occupancy part or unfurnished flat or house, council will provide bond due to circumstances detailed below, they will also require to do inspections on any property within Leeds.

I’ve been living in this house in Morley for 15 years and would like to remain in Morley if possible for the next 6-12 months whilst I get back on my feet as I know the area well. Doesn’t have to be Morley, but close by.

I was made redundant from police (staff) due to illness, worked there also for 15 years. During those past 15 years I was friends with the landlord until he refused to give me documentation to give to the dwp to claim housing, he has since been trying to evict me and has made threats of violence towards me.

I need space to set up a home office, either bedroom or living room, as such I do need the space. I would also prefer a gas hob ad central heating as it’s cheaper. I have an American fridge I’ll need to move or sell.

I’ve been searching for a year now and keep being discriminated against as nobody will take the council bond (guaranteed bond!!) and I have no guarantor. I’m on my own and at the end of my tether with this and all the scammers out there, I don’t know what else I can do apart from keep posting ads.

I am flexible on the rent to some degree, but the LHA in Leeds is £525 pcm and have been told I will get that.

Please send details of the property with rent amount, bond required and any other up front costs as I would need to pass this information onto the council.

I just want to get out of this house so I can finally start working again. I’m a professional looking for remote work and/or contract work.

I have no problems with moving further out than Leeds, it’s just difficult for me to view the properties at the moment as I no longer have a car.