Adding an Addendum to an OpenRent AST once signed

I’ve been contacted by my insurer to say that in the light of the Coronavirus Bill 2020, on renewal they won’t offer me legal expenses cover or Rent Guarantee cover unless I add an addendum to the AST to say that I will agree with the tenant possible alternative arrangements for payment should they fall into rent arrears.
Can you add an Addendum to an OpenRent AST once it’s been signed? If not, what are the other options? I’ve asked the OpenRent team, but they’ve not answered the question (the usual line of ‘we’re not legally trained here…’) even though it’s pretty straightforward. They give the usual line about custom clauses not being recommended but that’s also not what I’m asking. OpenRent should be aware of the change of legislation and either advise landlords or amend their AST template as required to reflect this. Can anyone from OpenRent (or anyone else!) help?

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You cant unilaterally add an addendum to any contract that is already in force. If the tenant agrees you can both sign a separate contract. Yet another reason not to bother with RGI in my book.