Affordability Failed

Hi just looking for some info. I have just failed affordability check for the perfect property due to my income being related to a 2 bed entitlement an not a 3 bed entitlement. I can clearly afford the property without difficulty yet due to UC only showing the 2 bed entitlement i have failed the affordability an lost out on the property. Am desperate to move an this is ridiculous.

Why have they said 2bed and not 3bed ?
They will only give what you are entitled to and nothing more

I am entitled to a 3 bed, myself & 2 daughters 1 of which is disabled so is entitled to her own room. We are currently in a 2 bed property however so on the affordability they will only go by the current rate not what the rate actually will be.

Contact Bill at About Us - Universal Credit Advice. He is very knowledgable and can probably help.

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