Am I the new tenant?

Hi so I’ve looked at a property and applied for tenancy. Normally when a property has been let you get an email saying sorry property is gone etc.

Property cannot be searched anymore and has gone to other people who have searched for it… it says “property no longer available” but I have not had a “property is gone” email as you would normally.

Plus I can still see property in my email enquirys. And it does not say property no longer available for me. I can still see it if I click on my email enquiry.

Not heard from landlord yet so does this mean they may have offered it to me as I can still see it, but not informed me yet?

Also in my favourites list it does say property has been let. But when I click on it I can still see it as a normal ad with no “property let” message against it!

Don’t wanna get my hopes up but surely I also should not be able to still see it as a normal ad but should see property let on search and should of had an email saying property no longer available?

So confused right now… Does this make sense to any of you?

Any help appreciated.

I think you need to look elsewhere

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Why do you say that? I’ve not had a property no longer available email…

Surely they would have told you by now