Are Shelter shamelessly exploiting the pandemic?

Has anyone seen the latest TV adverts from Shelter?
The usual stuff,give us your money so we can continue not housing people and landlords are bad.
How bad? They kicked an NHS surgeon out of their rental accommodation!
When you actually read what happened it appears he was sharing a house with a very nervous lady who reluctantly asked him to leave due to her personal health concerns.
"She said she had severe health anxiety and was ‘under strong recommendation from her doctor not to share work surfaces’.
She added: “As we shared a kitchen and a bathroom it wasn’t possible for him to remain in the house without it affecting my own health.”
As ever it was too good an opportunity to pursue their anti-landord agenda even in this time of national crisis.

The SS Shelter Scumbags asking for money in the advert . no doubt to send to poor Landlords !