Bailiff for non paying tenant?

My tenant is over 3 months late with rent. One month was from back in January and she only paid half in December and missed the last 2 months.
At the end of the month if she doesn’t pay I know I can give her 4 weeks notice
Another landlord suggested using Bailliffs because then she has to pay the unpaid rent back even if she gets evicted

Does anyone have any information on this?


Do you want to keep the tenant or evict
Gothard Rowe is a way to get your money back and not evict
Less headache etc
Des your tenant have a guarantor?

If your tenancy agreement says rent is payable in advance then she may already owe 4 months rent and you can serve the notice now.

Using bailiffs only applies after you have a court order for them to pay the rent or to edit them.