Business going under

I heard disturbing news of business failings in our town. The local bra manufacture has gone bust, the specialist submersible factory has gone under, the local dog walker has called in the retrievers, the coblers has put his foot down and given the workers the boot.The food blenders have gone into liquidation, the paper maker has folded, The clock makers are winding down and the tarmac layers have reached the end of the road. The laundrette has been taken to the cleaners and the bakers have run out of dough. How is it in your town?


Marvellous Colin. A bit of humour in these depressing times. I have circulated to all my sad old cronies.



Thanks Jeremy4 Although it was a bit of fun. We are in a desperate situation tho. I can see property values falling badly. . That means landlords will be in trouble if they have mortgages to the hilt and tenants cant or wont pay, busineses will go under and unemployment will rise . That means extra help for the unemployed, extra taxes, remember the run on the banks , remember the Cypriot goverment overnight taking huge chunks out of citizens bank accounts (40%). no choice there. The future is looking really bad. I notice, as some building merchants are closed ,some people are selling at inflated prices, almost a black market. We should be worried this will not be a happy ending

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