Can anyone help me please?

Well trained 7 year old dog.Ex business owner now on temporary incapacity benefit.Excellent references.Will provide deposits,rent in advance and fees.Am looking for a Landlord/lady who will help me! Im looking for a one or two bedroom cottage, bungalow, semi detached house preferably or a ground floor flat with a private garden or courtyard area in a good reputable area of Shropshire or Molesey Surrey up to £900 per calender month in Surrey and £600 in Shropshire pcm. I currently pay £1350.00 which I can no longer afford due to temporary reversible health problem. I am a untrustworthy decent extremely clean house proud lady. I am finding it extremely difficult to find a home to settle into for a long time because of my above criteria yet I would prove to be a great tenant only wishing to make a beautiful home and keep the property immaculate! Can anyone please help me? Thank you for reading my situation. Miss Jainey Hall

You might want to edit that first! Best of luck.