Changed by landload moving furniture - End of tenancy


I have ended a tenancy and awaiting my deposit back when I just received this from the letting agent -

“We also needed to move the large bed back into the appropriate bedroom, which required our handyman to dismantle the bed, move it into the next bedroom and re-assemble.”

  • this is a £50 charge.

I did move the bed into the other bedroom when I first moved in as I had my own and didn’t move it back when I left, it wasn’t like I left it in the kitchen…

The contract is a standard tenancy agreement - is this charge against me fair or can I dispute it? I feel like it is not my issue what bedroom the bed is in.

Thank you in advance

So, was it in the other bedroom in the first place? If so, then you were required to put it back.

Did you have to disassemble it to move it? Then yes, you need to pay for the handyman to move it back.

If the above questions are answered yes then you are liable to pay for the cost. Ask for an invoice. If the invoice is £50 you allow the deduction of £50 and be done with it. Why should someone else have to put back what you moved?

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Doesn’t sound unreasonable. You had the option of doing it yourself and chose to pay for someone else to do it instead.