Checking payments made

Hi. As the number of tennancies grow the admin grows. A key peice is management of funds. I was an early adopter of Openrents payment manager and alert system which I have loved for various reasons.

However now it costs £10 a month per tennant, the shine has well and truly dulled.

Has anyone here got a good recommended alternative that does not involve a letting agent?

I was thinking of writing my own systems automation to compete, but would be better to avoid the out of work hassle if there is a good product out there.

I did look… cant find by google.

Features I love about O/R solution:

  • Only notified when something is amiss
  • All online
  • No need to upload bank statements
  • Tenenat can part pay and see balance, manage difficult times
  • I can add landlord payments for cash received or xmas bonus (yes I like most of my tennants)

Alternative would need to be able to do similar with more reasonable pricing.

Well, I dunno. I think the £10/month fee is an absolute bargain.

I now have them all to pay the rent on 1st of each month.Luckily they r all OK with it. Google calender sends email notifications and mobile alerts which I set up to check on my bank account.can set up incoming bank alerts… but can’t set missed payments, need to check manually.