County court to get injunction against housemate for harrassment?

Hi there, I live in an HMO with one other tenant who is harrassing me along with her family.

Instead of lengthy expensive eviction procedures, could l not just go to county court with all of my video evidence of the harrassment, and thereby get an injunction against the housemate for harrassment?

It would only cost about £308 that way, relatively cheap.

Could l then take the injunction to the landlord and get the housemate evicted quickly using the injunction as a court order? They said they’d do it if they had a court order, but they didn’t want to do a section 8 as it’s too expensive.

Please understand that l’m not talking about suing for money, it’s a family of chavs. I just want the housemate evicted for harrassment.

Sad to hear this. Go for the injunction and take one step at a time from then onwards. Before you do though, get some legal advice: can one be obtained against someone in the same household? What do I do if the behaviour does not change? What then?

Alternatively, if landlord registration is compulsory in your area, either ask the landlord, or ask the Council, if the landlord is a Council Registered landlord (they may have an on-line register, so asking may not be necessary). If they are, the Council are responsible for supporting the landlord to help control bad behaviour, and see what they have to say. They may be able to go to court for an eviction even if the landlord can’t!

As for the landlord, by law he can’t evict during the Covid19 crisis, and even after it settles down, ‘distancing’ and non-eviction are likely to remain in place until next year, so replacing the tenants may not be easy. If a Sect 8 is suitable, then the landlord may still not want to pursue that approach to the bitter end if it involves going to court and having no income due to an inability to replace the family quickly.

The best thing to do is to look at what is available on OpenRent and ask the landlord to release you, so you can go to another place and get away from the family.

Good luck