Custom-made Tenancy Agreement legal Advice

Is anyone using the OpenRent ‘Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement’? I have used Rent Now package but by reading the terms of ‘Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement’ i didn’t like the fact that Tenants can give the landlord only 1 month’s notice after the initial period, whilst the landlord gives 2 months notice period. I’m planning to use a custom-made one, anyone knows a legal advisor to review it?

Thats not just openrent’s policy, its the law. A tenants notice at common law is a minimum of one month ending on the last or first day of a tenancy period. Landlords who have tried to vary this notice through the contract have been found to have imposed unfair contract terms which have ultimately been unenforceable.

I would suggest some landlord training before you get yourself into hot water.

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You can’t just make up your own rules like that. Some are set by the government and you would be acting illegally if you breach them.

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Unfortunately, there is not much headroom left for landlords to customise anything as law is above all. The way things are going, I am expecting law change stating that no deposit allowed and tenant can walk of by dropping keys through the letter box and not even letting - no pun intended :wink: -landlord know!!!

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Thank you David for your advice. i understand the minimum is 1 month, i just would like to make it 2 months for me (the landlord) and the same for the tenants.
i have been searching on the internet but couldn’t find the information -definitely a training will be useful

HI Steve, I’m not trying to make my own rules, i downloaded an AST from one of the websites and changed the notice period to be 2 months for both parties. Are you saying this is not legal?

that is unfair for landlord - who are already exposed to many things

Not legal no. Tenant needs to give minimum 1 month notice, LL 2 months.

Thanks for clarifying Mark

Have a look at this course. Landlords Fundamentals | NRLA