Demanding new tenant

Thank you, Judith1. We did all that too.

Just to clarify: the tap was broken by the tenant, apparently by hitting it with a heavy object, then demanded it gets repaired (at my expense).
The carpet was professionally cleaned. The tenant requested it to be cleaned again.
Not demanding, then?

If they broke the taps that’s different. Do you have an inventory to refer to which references taps?

You said the carpet isn’t great though?
It may have been assumed by all that the professional cleaning would bring it back to standard, but it hasn’t.

Only you can really tell if the carpet condition is acceptable. If you think so then just politely decline their request.

Hi Mark
The inventory describes taps and shower head ‘in good order’. The tenant said it was broken and the agent told me ‘it’s a legal requirement’ to have working taps and showers in both bathrooms. So I had to have it fixed.

If you are adamant that the taps were all fine then I would be seeking payment from tenant.

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I had a tenant like this bent over backwards for her, new window units, replaced cupboards doors and taps, I figured theses updates needed to be done in time anyhow. Then she started on shed roof.:exploding_head: Eventually I called letting agents who said she had been there long enough for rent rise . Never heard a word again about shed.


You cannot by law request professional cleaning by tenants (sadly)

Did the tenant see the flat when the carpet was already cleaned, if so then he has agreed to move in as it is. If not then a lesson learned, to clean the carpets before any prospective tenant views, then maybe get them to sign that they are happy with the condition of the flat.