Deposit bank account related question


I have a very quick question regarding the return of the deposit. For the payment of the deposit at the start of my tenancy it required a UK account and for this reason I used a friend’s account to send the necessary amount. Now my friend is thinking of closing his account since he is moving from the UK, so my question is when the time comes that I will get my deposit back is there an option for me to select to which account I want my deposit to be sent to or I will have to rely on my friend (which is impossible)?

PS: I have opened now a UK bank account under my own name

There must be. People close bank accounts and cards all the time.

I wish there is, I was asking in case someone has done this before.

You should have been given the details of where the deposit is held and an ID number.
You could always phone the Deposit Scheme and ask them the procedure.