Deposit transfered

Can someone please verify if this landlord is legitimate as they have my deposit and now looking to get a refund as l am not interested.

How much was deposit? One week’s rent?

All LL are supposed to be legitimate here because they’re required to prove ownership of the property. Whether this particulat LL tries to scam you, is a different matter.

If you have paid a holding deposit then this is forfeited if you change mind. Landlord has the choice.

Depends on conditions of how deposit was given.

Do you know if has changed recently? - 6 months ago you only had to prove ownership if you advertised on RightMove as it’s part of their criteria.

It’s still for Rightmove only. But unless you advertise for free on OR website only, you have to provide the proof. That means that if you’re listed on Zoopla, you have your ownership confirmed. Just the part of the package.
I didn’t have much success with OR advertising only.