Dirty washing machine

What does this mean? Can you put in other words?

Maybe it adds to understand my case: I’m new to UK, I’m an IT engineer, still learning how things work. I picked a fancier, more expensive aparatment hoping for better quality of life. It shocked me to realize, that tenants rights are pretty limited:

“You have seen it, you have signed it, now you pay for 6 months. Dirty washing machine? Noisy seagulls? Thats not my problem, but you pay!”

you have made a good offer to the landlord who will be glad to resolve the problem that he has

Are the seagulls in the washing machine?

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I .am not going to blog any more I have had enough there are far more serious subjects

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You just shitcommented a last one! Thanks Colin! Is this the attitude of Landlords? :wink:

I just want to add for the record that Landlord arranged each viewing before 17:00. It might be he had other things later or maybe (but hope not) because the crowd gathers around 17:00 at the pub nearby. I think it was twice that I wanted to arrive around 17 or 18 o’clock but we couldn’t do it. So its hard to proove he lured me into the contract, yes.

I complained here about a dirty washing machine. Then multiple people like Sam from OpenRent tried to ridiculed it, and then if I reason with them, I am called “obsessed”. Interesting logic.

I think you are obsessed with the term “viewed”, but that helps us get to the core of the bigger problem here.

Even though if a property is “viewed”, even if it was 100 occasions, but the tenant finds some very obvious faults in it as he moves in, then the Landlord still needs to fix it, IMHO.

Daniel I think I offered you some sound advice about how best to proceed. I’m sorry if it didn’t work for you. Did you try it?

No – I won’t be sharing pictures of my home with you I’m afraid.

This is really funny… when i saw the video i laughed and thought “this person has never rented a place or even used a washing machine before…” … or probably never had a real problem. You can get “fluff” in just one washing. the more stubborn stains are just due to the fact that it was used. It won’t be spotless. If you are concerned do an empty round with bleach.
And to answer your question, yes, you can ask the landlord to remove it…
But in summary, if several people have ridiculed your complaints, you should ask yourself if maybe you should review your opinion on what makes a washing machine dirty.


“this person has never rented a place” -> you got this. Its true.

But I cannot accept the other things you say. Many people here are motivated to push my head down.

If you have seen “12 Angry Men”, its a bit similar. I could fight my way and crack you all one by one, let’s just focus on Sam. He is a OpenRent member, he first told me (ridiculing my complaints) his washing machine is much dirtyer, then he did not show how that is physically possible. So he uses nasty reasoning techniques here. Just as all of you. Got no help, just as expected. But now I can be sure, not to use OpenRent again. Hey, I still learnt a lot, which is great :slight_smile:

Hey… i am a woman! :slight_smile: Anyway, i am sorry we made you feel that way. No one is here to attack anyone.
though you can understand we don’t feel obliged to share our own things.
Allow me a question, before moving to this property, have you had a look at the washing machine that you left behind? I don’t know how old you are but i am sure you must had and used one before…
Maybe you can ask friends too… it should not be too awkward.
But if you still want to get rid of it, do you really prefer to buy your own? and maybe leave it there when you leave the property?! is it really worth it? I think everything is possible, but the cost and effort of doing it might not be very convenient.


Firstly, when you did your handover you had plentiful opportunity to inspect the property and ask for the inventory and check it over prior to keys handover and as you obviously did not do so then you should accept your responsibility and learn from it for next time and move on and forward in life rather than all this time wasted in this forum when you could of put gloves on and cleaned it out if it bothered you as you messed up on handover…
Also you should of got any verbal agreement in writing, you further failed in this also so i dont have any sympathy for your situation, just learn & move on rather than arguing with your Landlord, as that’s all you will get, an argument resulting in minus nothing so pointless exercise.
Obviously your landlord seems to be not that professional from what you say so you may wish to check that you received a CP12 and EHIC & EPC along with the tenancy as this is more important.


“Firstly, when you did your handover you had plentiful opportunity to inspect the property and ask for the inventory and check it over prior to keys handover”

…how tired am I from these useless comments. Even if I inspect the property 3 times, lets say 8 times, there will be aspects which I cannot see (like seagulls noisy at night), since this was my first rent.

The problem is that Openrent+Landolrd lure us to sign an “assured shorthold tenancy agreement”, which has no break up caluse.

There are very few examples in the consumer world, where I purcahse something and have no possiblility for feeedback, and I cannot cancel my purcahse if I’m not satisfied.

Why not include a clause in the stupid contract, that I can leave the rent anytime, but lose half of the deposit for example? That would cover the owners costs. Except if the property is so shitty, that he cannot find anyone in 2 weeks.