Do I have to do Reference Check on all adults

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I have recently got a request for interest to my property by a couple.
Is it mandatory or wise to do reference checks on both adults?

The reason I am asking because, before this I had initiated reference check to a couple. Once it was initiated few days later before reference check was completed they had withdraw the application as their employer took them out of furlough as well which means they could not afford a house. Since RentGuard had done credit checks by then I did not get refund for the amount I paid.


always check all adults for piece of mind

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Sadly, many landlords are losing a lot of time and money with references due to the new laws.
Yes, wise to check all adults but you can get away with reference check on those only on the AST. Then again, I’d put all adults on AST. It’s in your interest.

Either way, must do right to rent check on all adults.