Do I need a separate letter to extend the tenancy by just a week

My tenant has given the correct amount of notice and the fixed term comes to an end on 4th April. However, her new place isn’t lined up until a week later and she’s asked for an extra week. The tenancy agreement we have in place is 6 months fixed then monthly rolling.

We have agreed she can stay the week and pay 1 week’s rent. I have changed the move out date on OpenRent to reflect this and she has already paid the week’s rent.

Do I need a separate Letter Agreement to cover this or will the existing tenancy be enough?

I have done this in the past . written a letter stating the facts and both sign Was ok


I’ve also done this in the past, although you should be aware that you will be giving her a new periodic tenancy from that date. If you have a deposit in an insured deposit scheme you may need to renew it. You may also need to re-issue the How to Rent booklet technically, although the consequence of not doing so only really affects s21 notices.

Colin 3 is usually on the money. I would suggest this is simply an agreement that forms what is part of a periodic.

Yes… I drew up a letter agreement. She signed and paid. All good! Thanks for the input everyone . Appreciate it.

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good tenants and good landlords will have no problem with a simple arrangement

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Until the good tenant turns bad! That’s why you do everything by the book to cover yourself for when it goes wrong.

The Tenants notice has ENDED the current tenancy, there is no changing that. If they stay and you accept rent then a NEW undocumented tenancy is granted in law with only the statutory protections in place. None of the terms in your original tenancy agreement will transfer into the new tenancy. What you have done will probably turn out fine but if it doesn’t and the tenant stays put they have a tenancy with almost no protection for the Landlord

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Excellent point about only the statutory protections of an undocumented tenancy.

I agree with Colin.

I have done some in past as it’s good to have it in black and white and keep good healthy tenants/landlords relationship from legalities point of views.