Does a landlord have an obligation to inspect?

I’ve been in my privately-rented flat in North-East England since 2017 and my landlord has never inspected it. He reluctantly carried out an essential repair two years ago but I have not seen him since then. The tenancy agreement does not mention inspections. Should I be pressing him to inspect it?

He is clearly unwilling to do any more than the legal minimum and has no interest in redecorating or providing anything that wasn’t originally here, such as installing a shower.

no. But he does have an obligation for qualified people to carry out: annual gas checks if you have a boiler; 5 yearly EICRs; also he should have a code for legionella control (if you have a HW cylinder) and a procedure for fire protection - e.g. check gangways are clear and well lit.
In a nutshell without inspections these are difficult/ impossible to carry out


Thanks for that information. It’s well over five years now, so the electrical inspection is overdue. There’s no gas supply.

EICR came into force April 2021 for non-HMO. If he has one probably valid but if no-one came to do it probably he missed it. It is required by law.

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