Does Rent Guard Referencing Accept Income from Agencies

I would like to confirm if anyone has an experience with rent guard rejecting income from working with an agency. My comprehensive report was declined because my additional income was from working with agencies even after providing payslips. The same was applied for my co tenant and guarantor even though my guarantor is a home owner and also provided all his details and payslips.

do u mean agencies as in temping/locum agencies under whom one takes up such work? if so it is best to call them and ask

I mean i working with care agencies for care home and support worker. They said they do not accept tenants or guarantors working with care agencies to earn income even after proving contact for reference and payslips.

To be honest, I’ve found that they just want to the references as quickly as possible, so don’t wait for the full info.

The completely ignored the disability benefits for one of my applicants, and one of the pensions for her potential guarantor because they rushed the referencing. I ended up verifying their income myself.

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Is this because agency work is temporary? As in, it’s not a contract for permanent employment and in theory, the agency could terminate it at any time? Sometimes the referencing agency will disregard temporary / contracting work but if you are able to demonstrate your earnings through payslips etc. it will be worth contacting the landlord to explain the situation, and also offer to provide the landlord with documentation to evidence your income / savings. I also did what @Cath2 did and ended up verifying applicants myself as referencing agency use a very narrow criteria to evaluate applicants.

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