DSS accepted, yea ringht ok

it would be good if Openrent moderated these discussions.

Approximately 25 pc of this chat by number and more by volume is from one person on a crusade.

The chatroom has the potential to lose its significance if used in this way. It will cease to be an information exchange and instead a soap box like Speakers Corner used to be.

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This directly contradicts an earlier (now deleted) post on another thread that says how great UC tenants are and that every landlord should consider letting to them as its an incredible trouble free experience. (Again I ask you to check UC rent arrears to see how trouble free it really is).

The above comment does in fact state that you think that UC tenants are generally unreliable and cannot be trusted to pass on the landlords rent money!

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Hi Mark. You are 100% right. This insane way of putting a lump some into a tenants hands first is so bizarre it has to be deliberate, create stress and chaos?

There is no way I would accept it if I entered into being a landlord which I wont do as I’m focused now on my new role as primary carer for my disabled child. Of course I could get into being a landlord via Buy to rent but i don’t like the pitfalls of ongoing introduced legislation targeted at landlords. It is seriously grim. looks like a succession of potential debt traps being slipped into place for all landlords, private or Buy to rent. Check/google out the comment made by … Klaus Schwab from the WEF. He said, in 2030 you will own nothing and feel happy. Reading into who he is etc its not good news. He means you and me.

I would want the tenant to sign a fixed agreement that rent goes directly to me and the same for top up payments. If the tenant wont agree to that I would immediately know I could not have/build a trusting rental experience with him/her.

Not possible as not enforceable. Direct payment cannot be instructed by tenant. It’s discretional by LA and when tenant has fallen behind with rent.


As a relatively experienced landlord I understand this. I am not singing the song that UC tenants are fantastic.

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the system is bizarre