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EEA Family Member's Right to rent


Hey guys! Could you please advise me on our situation. I’m a third country national who is married to an EU citizen. We live in Portugal now and I have a five years temporary Residence Permit, which states that I’m “a Family member of a Union citizen”. With that and a marriage certificate, we have the right to enter the UK and work and stay there, both of us. The question is - would it be possible for us to rent a house through your service?

We used to live in the UK before, have NINs, a current UK bank account, etc.


Hi Andy,

Providing you have the right to rent and a UK mobile number, then you’re all good!

You’ll be able to engage in Rent Now - any questions on this, let me know.



‘Right to rent’ checks breach human rights - High Court

Mr. Justice Spencer said that the evidence “strongly showed” the scheme was causing landlords to discriminate against potential tenants because of their nationality and ethnicity.

The person with an ethnic name was less successful in gaining a tenancy than the one with a white British name. This showed that landlords concerned about a possible prosecution under the right to rent scheme were looking at ethnicity as a means of refusing prospective tenants.


Hi Andy, the court told the Government off about Right to Rent checks, but they didn’t rule that they are illegal, and so the hostile environment still exists.

We think they will be scrapped in future, though.

Full guide here:

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I know, Sam, I know. That’s why we’re heading North, to Scotland, I guess…

No such a discriminatory law there and no need to wait for 1’st of June to be protected from scam. Better all round.