Employer changing payday to end of the month

My partner pays the rent as I am on maternity (I pay the bills) he has just received a letter from his employer to advise they are changing his payday to the end of the month. Our contract is signed for rent to pay on 21st of each month. Now his payday is changing what does that mean for us? And how can we change the payday of rent? Thanks

Hi Aimee, this is common question.

You can pay the rent any day you want as long as it’s before the due date. You don’t have to pay on the day the rent is due. You can pay at any time before that day. so there’s no need to ‘change to payday of rent’. You can just pay it whenever is convenient for you to do so.


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Hi Sam,

Only issue is I am on maternity leave and on low income, my partner pays the rent so he will pay April as normal however will not have enough money to save to pay may before 21st…


Have a word with your landlord you are only talking of a few days that you can catch up on

What would it mean in regards to the contract? Would we need to sign a new contract

have you spoken to the Landlord?

No not yet, will be today hopefully