Extra unpaid referencing request?

I have paid for two references on two of the three prospective tenants. (I am not referencing the adult child)

But the adult child has also received a referencing details request form? They are asking if she should fill it in too? I don’t know, its a little mysterious.

From the words you have used, “yes” is the answer: the “adult child” is the third person being referenced, and each person being referenced is asked to supply information that is unique to them.

I understand the surprise of the parent, and their questioning stance. Their child’s age is not mentioned, so the child may be underage or of adult age and living with its parents. Maybe you did not need to reference the child!

Sorry if I wasn’t clear. I’m NOT referencing the adult child. I didn’t see the point. That is why it was mysterious that she received a request for details.

Anyway I suggested they fill it in anyway just in case and gave them rentguards phone number for enquiries, much good it will do them…

A mystery.