Feature request: "Show Rent per 6-12 month" setting in search

Since landlords regularly ask whether a tenant can pay 6-12 months rent upfront, ahead of a viewing and often as an automated response to first message. Why not build this in as a feature?

The same way we can “Show Rent Per Week” or by month in search, show rent by 6-12 months.

This would improve transparency and save time for both tenant and landlord in more productive discussion.

Great minds think alike. We have been discussing a similar thing with my partner for two days. At first, we were toying with an idea that we need to start asking TT to show the proof of savings. Now I think that a much better thing would be to ask T to pay at least two first months in advance. Proof of savings can be faked.
What we will be doing is putting a questionnaire into the ad, where one of the questions will be "Can you pay two (maybe, three) months’ rent upfront? It will seave out the TT who can’t straightway. Not sure about 6-12 months, though. I guess, it’s more for high risk TT. And we won’t be taking those on, anyway.

No thanks. I have no interest in applicants who want to pay upfront. Often, there is a nefarious reason for that, or some other complication that precludes regular payment.
Previously, if anyone has offered this, they go off my list of prospective tenants.

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One thing is when they offer, another is when you do. How do you check that they have healthy spending habits then?

It hardly seems worth making the change when the Renters Reform Bill is likely going to outlaw rent in advance.

Oh, well. Then good luck to foreign renters to find a place to rent.

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