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First month’s rent

Good evening. We had some tenants about to rent with us and decided to cancel last minute. The agency says the first month’s rent goes to them although nothing is written in the contract. Could you please advice how to proceed?

Usually the agency takes their fee out of the first months rent either giving you the surplus or asking for extra. Depends on the amounts involved

If you don’t have a contract with an agency that you are doing business with then there is nothing more I can add apart from you need to learn quick that an agreement is worth only the paper it is written on unless it is a written agreement in any event any agency you use should be registered with an ombudsman so you can quite clearly dispute anything you wish and then continue to appeal to the ombudsman and maybe the agency will feel they have to be a little bit more professional next time and give the next person in agreement …

I personally have never heard of such an ill practising agency like you describe I think you should check them out properly as they don’t sound very professional And more than likely I’m not compliant