First time renting

Hi there guys,

I am in search of a property for me and my fiancée, I’m disabled and receive Universal Credit and PIP at the amount of £1121 per month, and my fiancée works for Odeon Cinema and brings home around £850 per month as well.
This will be our first time moving out, but we are having a tremendously difficult time being accepted by a landlord or are being beat to the chase, not sure which. We also have the choice between three guarantors which are both homeowners and working full time.

Is my disability putting landlords off? We have allocated our spending and budget and for the apartments we are going for, we are well within our budget.
Is it because we are first time renters? I wish there was some way I could show I would be a good tenant but I’m unsure how I could prove this with it being my first time renting.
I hope someone can help us with any advice at all.

Best wishes


What price property rentals are you looking at? With your combined income a rent affordability calculation gives a ceiling of £800/month.

Some landlords are unable to rent to tenants on benefits if their btl mortgage rules out tenants on benefits