Gas checks - huge delays!

There seems to be a big drag on booking time for gas engineers in Dorset to do gas safety certificates, why is this please and what are you doing about it to resolve the issue? I’ve now ordered one 3 times and had it cancelled twice so far, 3rd request is still pending an engineer to be assigned to the job. Please try to address this issue, just getting automated emails week after week is not good enough, esp when the money is taken from our account each time when we just place the order.

I would arrange direct yourself with a local gas engineer. More reliable and you have control over who does it.

Book direct, representation via OpenRent is poor in this area (Somerset / Dorset).

Hi @Annabelle1 and @Zoe4 -

Thanks for the feedback - we’ll certainly look at what’s happening with our coverage in the Dorset area generally. I can see you’ve been assigned an engineer for one of your jobs now @Annabelle1 and will organise the same engineer to visit your other property if possible now.

Our pricing has remained the same on gas certificates for a while now, and with inflation affecting different regions differently, it has been challenging to maintain service levels across all regions for the same flat price - but we’re looking at options that can help with this, hopefully without putting prices up!

Thanks very much, the engineer has been in touch today so we’re trying to organise it for ASAP. It would be great if in the future you’re able to increase the no. of engineers in this area so we get faster service, so many thanks for all your efforts to ensure that happens if at all possible. Appreciate you keeping it to one fixed price as we poor landlords are so stretched right now…!

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