Getting housing before relocating to uk

How easy is it to get a property before relocating to the uk?

Not very easy, rather difficult

those already here are struggling to find a place

Im looking for one in Newbury 2-3 bedrooms

As long as you’re black you can’t find one here especially on this site. I’ve been here for a year now searching for one.

Im black and i just got a house…so this is a safeapp.

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Well said Janet 25 Well done

And that takes you how long?
And you’re really lucky Janet. I and my partner have been searching now for a year since she was pregnant and even after her giving birth we are still searching

I think uve to know wat the landlord wants from u. Like affordability and right number of tenants and pitching for like many houses at ago. Honoring viewing appointments. Selling yourself right to the landlord.

Janet I’ve done absolutely all that. Even my tenant profile is verified which includes all my details from work reference to landlord reference. I really don’t get it though. And the sad thing is it just the three of us.

Maybe its the location. Some places have limited housing nga ur all fighting for the same. Move in the outskirts and try there

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