Guaranteed rent arrangements

Hi. I rent a property from a landlord on a commercial agreement which was provided by a solicitor. The landlord has approximately 50 properties but this one was problematic for him, so he was open to a guaranteed rent arrangement. It’s something he is very familiar with and it works for both of us. I look after the property in terms of maintenance, he gets no void periods, pays no agents fees and has no hassle, I rent it out on a short-term basis to holidaymakers (no parties) via my own website, but also on Air B’N’B and Booking Dot Com. I wondered how many of you are open to this arrangement or are you very anti, and if so, why? From personal experience, I know there are landlords with properties that feel ‘stuck’ and unable to sell but are fed up dealing with tenants and are worried about Brexit.

I am a landlord if it works for both of you, go for it

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