Help any landlords

Hi after some help and advice from landlord’s, my brother and his girlfriend lost there jobs as the horse racing is off obviously and 2 weeks ago today thee landlord gave them 24 hours to leave and now there living in a car they stayed at mine last night I know they are not ment to but I just couldn’t sleep thinking about them. They are now claiming UC, we are really struggling at the min because of upfront payments. Is there any landlord that’s willing to let them pay upfront fees over a couple of mths. This is my last hope the council are useless. Thank you.

An upfront fee is just that . you have to pay first. A landlord cannot give 24 hrs to leave . Why did they allow this to happen? The problem with UC is that it is paid in arrears and usually does not cover the full rent… As you said the council is useless, main goverments have put them in that position