Help! Question about when I should start paying rent!

So I found a property to rent and said I could move in the following week (30th June). I paid the holding deposit and signed the contract.
Unfortunately all the referencing and validating of my work places (part self employed) has taken some time to complete and now I am having to provide guarantor details…
Therefore I have not moved in and don’t think I am even allowed to until this is resolved? Can they still charge me rent for the time I am not in the property/ not allowed due to these reasons?

Thanks for any help!

I am surprised that you have signed the contract by only paid holding deposit. When is your contract starting date?

I don’t think you will be liable for the rent cost without having the key and moved in.

Yes, you need to get the reference and validation work completed asap so that you can be moved in. If it is failed, the landlord might not rent it to you and you might not get your deposit back(check the condition of the deposit).

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