Housing benefit and affordability

Hey , whilst going through the referencing stage I failed affordability due to saying I couldn’t afford the rent , it was me and mum going through referencing and she passed affordability , however open rent never gave me a chance to show how much housing benefit I receive , because I don’t receive this it goes straight to landlord it doesn’t come to my bank account and because of this the landlord declined our offer and let us go. I think this in unfair because the landlord said he accepted benefits but had no understanding when I told him it would not come on my bank statements as does not come to me goes straight to landlord. I also sent the landlord the proof of housing benefit documents he still insisted that because I failed the affordability but he had all the proof that I could afford it. He knew our circumstances of my mental health and my mum supporting me and deciding into moving in together. He lied to us and has made us very down hearted and is going to make us very wary on trying to rent somewhere else. Once the landlord gave us the message he couldn’t take us we was very polite and thanked him for letting us view the property and start the process he hasn’t even replied which I find unfair. I’m sorry but as a new landlord Robert o’callaghan you should have did more research before dealing with clients and getting their hopes up.

You need to remove the persons name. This is clearly being vindictive. Hes had a lucky escape.

It’s the landlords choice, life is full of disappointment. Tenants who fail affordability stops landlords obtaining certain types of insurance, and passing affordability test is essential, so this may well be the reason. Credit and affordability is done by a separate third party.

How did he lie to you?

You shouldn’t be so critical when you clearly are not aware of the issues that affect a landlord.

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This usually only happens when tenant repeatedly defaults on payment. Maybe he realised this??

Maybe he didn’t understand about the benefits going to the landlord directly, maybe he did understand.

Perhaps there was some other information that came to light when the referencing was done that made him change his mind.

Perhaps he considered the whole picture, (even with the direct rental payment included) and decided overall it was too risky for him. Who knows?

It’s a shame he didn’t give you a more detailed explanation.

Usually the Landlord does not undertake the affordability check himself. It is normal for it to be done via a third party such as Experian. There is much more to affordability than pure money in the bank. CCJs and credit rating will be factors. If you know what company complied the checks I would ask them for your credit file.