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How Do Tenant Referencing and Credit Checks Work?

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The tenant referencing process in the UK rental market is often seen as a big hurdle to get over before you’re allowed to rent a property. Most people have no idea what happens when they are being referenced or how the result (‘pass’ or ‘fail’) is reached. Here we peel the lid off the credit check…

I noticed there is listed a £20 fee for Tenant referencing, how is this waived for the Scottish properties, as under Scottish law only the rent and a refundable deposit are allowed to be requested?

Hey Allanrbd, With OpenRent, referencing can happen either via Rent Now, or through our Standalone Referencing service.

In Scotland, we aren’t currently able to offer Rent Now. If landlords order Standalone Referencing, then they are not permitted to pass those costs into the tenant. Hope that answers your question!

Hi guys, we are in the process of trying to rent a place and our potential landlord is saying the refernecing will cost £30 despite every page on OpenRent saying it should cost £20. They assured us the £30 is correct but we can’t see this anywhere and it strikes me as extremely odd?

Any clarification would be massively appreciated.

Hey - the most we allow landlords to charge a tenant is £20 to cover the cost of referencing.

It’s definitely not £30!

If you send the details of this OpenRent property (e.g. the ID number or a link to the advert) to, then we’ll investigate!

Hi, me and my partner are going through referencing at the moment. I myself have passed and it has stated that I am £670 covered. Does that mean I can rent upto that amount or isn’t that my half of the rent?