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How Let to Tenants Who Failed Referencing

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A Failed Rental Reference Doesn’t Mean the End of the Road It sounds confusing, but just because a tenant fails referencing or a credit check, it doesn’t necessarily mean that letting your property to them is a bad idea. Finding the right tenants is the main challenge of being a private landlord, and referencing is…

I am really struggling to rent a property that’s suitable for myself and my daughter’s due to a ccj.
The ccj was from an old address and I didn’t even realise it got as far as it did due to moving out prior. Its now causing such distress and I can’t see myself getting into a property any time soon.
I’m fully employed and currently renting a room in shared accommodation that doesn’t allow children to stay so every time they are with me we have to arrange other accommodation for the time we spend together.
Can anyone advise me