How to filter tenant enquiries

Hi the Manage tenant enquiries page has a filter option, including a ‘custom’ tag, but I can’t see where to apply any of these filterable fields to my enquiries, struggling to keep tabs on where I’m at with each enquiry. Can anyone help?

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write it in a notebook

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Has anyone manage to figure out Custom Filter for Tenants Queries?

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As far as I can tell you just type a reply into the box marked Tenant Auto-Reply and that gets sent to everyone who submits an enquiry. So it needs to be quite generic, like:

Thanks for your enquiry, due to Covid-19 I’m pre-screening tenants on the phone before arranging a viewing. Please let me know when it would be convenient for me to phone you.

Since I want to be a bit more personal I’m not using it myself.

Hi Ijaz,

The custom filter is there to allow you to view all of the enquiries you have entered manually for your listing, for example if they have come from a different advert you have elsewhere or a local/personal enquiry.

You can add a manual enquiry under the tenant screening options on the enquiries page.

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How does the “Questions” filter work?