How to keep an advert brief!?

Drafting an advert for a lodger and another for a whole flat. I’ve got the first down to 450 and the second down to 600 words.

Looking at other adverts a lot of them are just 50-100 words!!

What to cut out?!

I don’t need to describe each room of the property as people will just look at the photos.

I don’t need to describe the various transport links as people will look them up for themselves.

I don’t need to describe restrictions (no parties) or go into detail about who I’m looking for, or why pets aren’t allowed. As that will either be ignored or will put off good candidates.

I do still want to have something about the attractions of the area to appeal to newcomers (eg international students).

But it’s still oh so long. 250 words would be idea but I’d have to slash.

How do you do it? Just leave out all the important stuff? I do want to seem personal as well as that’s something that generates replies.

I think you’ve answered your own question. No waffle. People don’t read ads they scan them.

Get the message across quickly. Bullet points work well.

You could probably have no text and still get a huge amount of interest.

I got the lodger advert down to 280 words.

I’m going to miss some of those paragraphs!!

Will try the flat listing next.

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Well done. I personally will cut description to a minimum (about four sentenses) but put a small questionnaire and ask to reply by answering the questions in the ad. I will point out that people who won’t bother to answer, will be automatically rejected. It will weed out all those who are not serious and who just contact you with “Is it still available?” or “Tell me more”.
I think all and any questions re the flat may be answered later on or even during the viewing. That’s how I plan to save my time and energy. What do you guys think? Of course, I’ll have more questions later, too, but these ones are the main requirements.

No-one reads the text.

When it comes to keeping an advert brief, it’s all about gettin’ straight to the point without losing that charm! Highlight the key features, benefits, or unique selling points of whatever you’re advertising. Use catchy phrases, snappy descriptions, and a sprinkle of wit to grab attention and leave 'em wanting more. Keep it short, sweet, and enticing, and watch those responses roll in!

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