I am desperately looking for a property in Torbay to rent

I am absolutely gutted after 14 years of living in the same house never being in rent arrears my landlord decided to sell the property first of all he put the rent up whilst evicting me in the middle of lockdown and then after trying to get a few months bit more time I’ve been looking for a rented properties the last property I didn’t get bc of how I look by the way I have a colourful sleeve tattoo dedicated for my sister nothing offensive I offered three months rent in advance by me and three months rent in advance by the council nearly £7000 and they talked me down because I’m heavily tattooed and the letting agency didn’t like, that’s not right, he said I looked at ur ig and I don’t really like ladies that look like you WHAT……… I have a 22-year-old daughter a 16-year-old daughter and a French bulldog i’m now currently living in a bed and breakfast everything I own has been put into storage until I can find a rented property or the council Home me , I do No understand why they are not helping more, and landlords are making it really difficult for people to even rent homes, i’ve lived in Torbay my whole life I would be happy to move Paignton and Brixham Torquay and am ready to go just need to find somewhere,
In 2 weeks I’ve lost my baby sister
My home
My support dog bc they wouldn’t let me bring her and half my stuff
I suffer with chronic pain and I’m dealing with quite a lot and to be honest with you I am desperate to find my forever home, before my next operation,

I think so many people are struggling at the moment and currently in the same situation I’m fully aware, it’s so sad

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