I need to make a complaint because I keep on coming across fake landlords on your platform


So I have been using openrent for a while now and I keep on coming across posts which are being put up for a few days and then rented out straight away.

I am not sure how openrent is monitoring these things, however I am really not impressed at the fact that some of these landlords don’t have any credentials and can post freely and make houses disappear like magic.

Could you please explain how you are monitoring these fake landlord ? I need to speak to an openrent worker, since it’s impossible to get in contact with you.

Many thanks


Are you aware that many properties are literally snapped up within the 1st 2-3 days of advertising ? Once the landlord takes a holding deposit the advert is paused, hence marked as let agreed or taken off the site.
I don’t think this is as sinister as you think. There are very few fake landlords, you imply this site is over run with them.


I didn’t imply nothing. I find it disrespectful that many of them dont have the decency to respond back to me after I went to see their property, not even to say I am not interested in you.

My frustration comes down to the landlords being unresponsive after we have had an agreement. There is absolutely no point in advertising if this is the way they treat tenants no offence.

They have systems which nag repeat offenders. It cannot be prevented entirely.

It’s very rude yes, especially if you have viewed a property.

This is nothing to do with fraud/fake landlord as you have stated.

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What exactly do you mean by nag?

They will send them emails, and will remove their ads if tenants complain and they do not address it. I imagine they will close their account entirely if repeatedly happens.

The system also monitors if landlords delay in replying to emails within openrent platform, and will advise advise Ll of their responsibilities. Again ads will be removed if landlord isn’t responsive.

What does this mean? How do you know?

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Do you know how badly landlords have been treated
by some tenants.

There were times prospective tenants booked
appointments and did not attend viewings and no
calls or message to reply,

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I’ve had this happen to me more than once, it’s not good.

Landlords come across fake tenants, so all need to be carefull

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