Irresponsible landlords

Property Reference:

We had a conversation with the landlord owned this property, named: abbas. We went for viewing the house and was okay with the rent and rooms. Landlord kept us waiting for his decision with other tenants as well. We kept waiting and finally he asked our passport copy, payslip, reference number for further procedure. And finally he told us he willing to lent the room to us. We all so prepared for the room. And its been almost 15days from the day of viewing. After 2days we messaged him again regarding the agreement. We were shocked from his reply. He told us he is giving the room to someone as they are ready to pay him high. Is this the correct way? Why open rent still giving chance for these kind of people. Now we are homless and need to look for the room again cos of this fraud. He used all of our documents now.

I can understand your frustration but until you and the landlord both sign the tenancy agreement, nothing is binding and either side can change their mind.

You should never move out of your current place until you and the landlord have signed a tenancy agreement.

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