Landlord not responding to enquiry - please help

We have found what we think is the perfect house and we can easily afford it (I earn above average salary and my partner works full-time, both in the public sector/ media). Landlord has not responded to any enquiries, we’ve sent a message, a viewing request and another message, and have also triggered open rent to chase them. Still nothing but the property is still available according to the advert. What should I do now? Like I say we are desperate to get this house so don’t want to cause issues for the landlord but a complete lack of response is so unhelpful.

possibly he has referenced someone else and is waiting for the result

Thing is - the ad changed to ‘under offer’ overnight a couple nights ago, but has since changed back to available, is there anything else we can do to prompt a response?

I assume you can only get to him thru openrent. If so you can do no more

There might be problems with the property, or the landlord may be considering selling…who knows…if he or she is not responding it sounds like the property is not really available whatever the reason may be. I should just look somewhere else if I was you. You have set your heart on this property but you have not even viewed it so you have no idea whether it is as ideal as you imagine.

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I feel for you, and it’s disheartening to see the ideal place stay just out of reach taunting you amidst the appalling average of all the rest.

But I would consider this a red flag. You will ultimately be happier and more secure with a landlord that demonstrates themselves as being considerate, attentive and communicative. Imagine if you had an urgent matter that needed prompt action from the landlord, such as a burst pipe, or a broken boiler… The dream house would not seem so delightful when he’s ignored you for weeks and you’re having to take all your showers at the gym.

The law of averages suggests that all the good things presenting themselves in a radiance of appeal is keeping you from seeing too the pile of crap kept out of view until it’s time to balance the equation.

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Hi Alexandra, sorry to hear this as it’s always frustrating not to hear back from landlords.

This is an issue we’ve discussed a few times, so you could find some answers here: