Landlord not returning my money


I managed to leave my AST (3 weeks ago) and replace the tenant with a new student tenant. EDIT: This was agreed by the landlord verbally, and all the follow up emails with the landlord confirmed their actions were in agreement.

They landlord never met us in person to do the swap over and told us via WhatsApp to go ahead with the swap and hand over the keys. EdIT: the landlord did not give me the mutual surrender paperwork.

I still haven’t received my £500 deposit back, which I asked for 2 days after moving out.
The landlord also owes me pro-rata rent refund.

The landlord only sent me back £250 yesterday. We never agreed any deductions (I didn’t break or damage anything, all my bills are paid as documented in emails) and the refund amount is clear in an email, apart from a silly admin fee of £250 which I reluctantly agreed simply to get out asap.

Also my deposit is not/was not protected.

I am still due £300 more.

I’ve sent enough polite reminders and given enough benefit of doubt.

What are options, can I sue and will I be successful?
How do I ensure the landlord pays the costs?

The additional £300 is alot of money for me and is my money, there’s no reason why the landlord only returned 250 out of 550.


Did landlord agree for you to surrender your ast early? (He did not need to do this). If you left ast early then you are liable for rent until the end of the fixed term, however a tenant has been found to replace which I assume he was happy with.

He can charge you an early termination fee to cover losses.

He should have lodged your deposit.

In regards to pro-rata refund, again this is voluntary, has it been agreed?

Have to be sure in what was agreed and liabilities before looking at taking it further.

Hello Mark10,

Yes he did agree I could leave (I have edited my comment to reflect your question).

This was verbal agreement, and then the follow up actions of the landlord indicated we agreed this.

There was no loss of rent to the landlord, the day I left was the day the the new student moved in.

Yes the pro rata refund was agreed and I have followed up to chase (I always chase
Multiple times) for the remainder.

Contact a no-win-no-fee solicitor and ask them to pursue your case for a 3x deposit penalty against the landlord plus return of your original deposit. They should handle everything for you.

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