Landlord said they'd keep the rent the same in January, now saying they're going to raise it by £75/month

We’re on an assured shorthold tenancy that’s coming to an end in December. We were considering renewing the lease but have decided to go with Rolling, which the landlord had said was fine.

Despite telling us, in writing, that the rent would continue to be £550/month, now the landlord is saying that because it’s rolling they want to increase it to £75.

Our leave had said that the landlord had the right to review the rent at the end of the tenancy- wouldn’t saying that they’ll keep it the same count as reviewing it and mean they can’t increase it for 12 months?

Rolling or on a new lease you have an agreement in writing ,I would ask him to honour it OR say I will have the lease instead then at the £550… OR leave

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Thank you! I will ask them to honor it then.

I’m hoping they will. I know I’m on open rent, but they’re with a letting agent who seems to be misinforming them about things and I don’t think they want to deal with the appeals process.

Also to anyone reading this: you’re entitled to appeal a rent increase. Your options are not “pay more or leave”, please educate yourself on how to handle it because it is complicated. :slight_smile: