Landlord wants more deposit than agreed upon

Hello there, I left my old tenancy about a month ago and reviewed the property with my landlords representative. We agreed that the total sum to be taken from the security deposit was £25 for a key I had lost and both me and the representative signed an inventory that stated everything was in an acceptable condition. However, three weeks later, two weeks after I first tried to get my deposit back, the landlord is now saying that they want additional money from the deposit to cover ‘professional cleaning’ with the reason listed on dps as ’ professional clean as stated in tenancy agreement’. Should I dispute this or not?
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Hi Calum, yes you should dispute this. Mandatory fees, such as cleaning fees, are now prohibited by the Tenant Fees Act. Even if you have a clause in your contract which says you have to pay a mandatory fee, you no longer have to, since they are now unlawful. Landlords who charge such prohibited fees risk being fined up tp £5,000 on the first offence.

(Lost keys are exempt from this rule, so you will still be liable to pay for that, but the landlord has to evidence their costs – which I can’t imagine being £25 for one key.)


sam depends on the key there are some coded keys that cost more !

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Thank you Sam.

Another related issue though, between me signing the inventory and them sending me a copy of it signed they have altered the inventory sheet to include the cost of cleaning and a half finished sentenced regarding the fridge, and have changed the stated condition of the fridge. How will this affect my dispute?

I have included part of the inventory sheet below. The deep clean and fridge part were added in after.