Letting Agency charged Advertising Fee from Tenant who left in the 6th month

One of my friends was renting a property. Property was managed by a letting agency.
Tenant had to leave the country due to health issues.
It was a 12 months contract.

She gave one month notice in the 5th month of tenancy and left the property 5 days before completing 6 months due to health problems.

During her notice period, agency arranged views and she co-operated with the agency and by the time she left agency got a new tenant.

After she left, while she was in another country agency told her to pay nearly £600 for re-advertising the property. She paid the agency £600. Is the agency allowed to charge tenant for re-advertising?

The agent is permitted to charge a fee to the tenant, but the legislation says that the costs have to be reasonable. I’m not aware of any test cases on “reasonable” in this section of the Tenant Fees Act, but £600 does sound on the high side. I would suggest your friend asks the agent to justify such a high cost in light of the legislation.


To be honest the agency found a tenant even before my friend moved out.
While she was living in the property, agency arranged views and the new tenancy started immediately after she moved out.