Limited or Ltd standing order

Does it matter whether I type Ltd Or Limited on the standing order

Hi @Johanna2 -

Assuming this is for your first month’s rent and deposit - we’d urge you to follow the instructions on the payment screen. These include the Payee name (specifically outlining Ltd vs. Limited).

The details on that screen are specific to you and your tenancy, so shouldn’t be shared (or posted publicly) and can change between tenancies (which is why I’m not outlining them here).

Looking at your account, it seems you paid successfully already - but if you are still having issues don’t hesitate to reply publicly here or contact our team.


Hi Daz sorry this did not make it clear. Is it okay to use either or Limited or Ltd as one is an abbreviation of the other?
Kind Regards

Hi @Johanna2,

Please use the details, exactly as presented, on your tenancy page.

Then click “View Tenancy”, and scroll down to the " Rent Payments" section.

The details there should be used exactly as presented.


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