Living Rent - love this

Absolutely brilliant organisation, hopefully will absolutely hamper the sheer greed of landlords across the UK.strong text

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Perhaps you should resd about what happened last time rent controls were introduced.


Scottish, you talk absolute rubbish you sound like another do- gooder that knows nothing about everything, don’t judge everyone by your own standards, we have had a tenant in one of our flats for 22 years and never increased the rent…
If you don’t want to rent a flat from the private sector thats your prerogative but don’t knock this sector for doing an excellent job for the community.


You are truly an idiot. Some stupid words cross this portal At least we are willing to put our real names on here and not hide behind a label


Superb stuff, don’t like someone else’s opinion and resort to ill informed statements and insults. Yet it’s me that’s the idiot. Showing yourselves up for what you are. Embarrassing. :laughing:

Higher taxation for landlords has resulted in rent increases. Lack of social housing has resulted rent increases. Decades of uncontrolled immigration. Not building enough houses. Higher compliance costs. Mortgage rate increases, Agent fee increases….

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