Look for 3 bed house South Yorkshire


I have explained a bit about our situation and can view Asap if our issues does not cause a problem hindering our application but we are hoping and praying to get our lovely home soon.

It has been so hard work getting over the last hurdle of application because I only have one income coming in and the CCJs we just want a fresh start again I have left details about our situation below

Just a little bit more explaining my situation My ex wife walked out on myself and children and my children has not seen her since and she does not want to know, my children are autistic and has been so hard on them we just want a chance to start again near family and future support work for my children.

All we want is to have a fresh start near family again and be happy and spend quality time as a whole family

I am in full time employment with a permanent contract salary £29000pa that I started in 14th April 2022

I do have adverse credit with 3 CCJs that come about at start of covid when I lost my transport company and has always gone against me.

We also have 2 Jack Russels aged 8. I would professionally clean the carpets every 12 months

Many thanks in advance