Moderate and Medium Risk

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I’ve found two lovely tenants and based on our face to face meeting and communication I’m happy to rent the property to them. However, the reference report came back today and each has high ‘moderate risk’ (so almost high risk) outcome. I cannot see anything on the report that stands out…do you know of any reasons as to why this might be the result or what I should be looking for?


The requirements for the categorisation from RentGuard seems to be based on combined income of both applicants (if applicable) and/or how a guarantor fares in the process. CCJs also play a big part in the final outcome in the event either applicant has any. However, a tenant will either get a ‘cross’ or a ‘tick’ and I usually feel confident enough if the tenants get a ‘tick’ - even if they have not passed with flying colours. You can get Landlord Insurance on any tenant who passes with a ‘tick’ or a ‘yes’.

Hi @Stellaod, we think of referencing as just one tool landlords have to decide who to let to. If you think the tenants are a good fit, then I wouldn’t worry too much about the result on the report.

As Anne alludes to, referencing reports give you lots of information, but the result (e.g. pass/fail, risk score) are more to do with how the referencing company feels about insuring that tenancy. If they are happy to insure it, then they will mark the tenants as a ‘pass’. But being a good tenants and making good sense to insure aren’t always the same thing!


I would say it’s a good idea to make further enquiries if the reference agency has a problem. People will make every effort to impress you in a face to face meeting, but you only find out what they are really like once they have got themselves through the door. I recently had to turn down a very nice young lad who I was hoping to rent a room to, when I discovered some stuff from his recent past that was too much of a risk to go ahead.

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Gut instinct is really a subjective but yet invaluable tool that is difficult to advise on, but in my experience I found the best tenants I could have hoped for via OpenRent despite them being declined due to being a ‘moderate risk’. My tenants are a Romanian couple with 2 children, they had been in the country less than a year but both employed, both had residency and ID confirmed, no CCJs …nothing that pointed towards not being able to pay. Their jobs were listed at the time of referencing as being temps so I can only guess that was the red flag that made them a ‘risk’ and perhaps the length of employment. They are both now permanent, have moved their children over from Romania and enrolled them in the local school system and plan on long term. I saw several applicants who would have all ‘ticked the boxes’ just based on income, non-smoking etc had someone else been choosing the tenants for me, but meeting people and making your own judgement is essential. Of course people can be deceiving so you have to be careful. My tenants had already been renting elsewhere in the city so this wasn’t their first UK rental they just wanted somewhere bigger to move their children into, and honestly when I chose them it was like they had won the lottery and they keep the place impeccable.


Love that experience. Gut feelings are the best

Hi Kerry9 - out of interest, is everything still working out with them? I have the same situation right now. 4 tenants, 3 passed the speedy credit check but 1 failed but he has got a guarantor who passed. One of the others also has a guarantor who passed. They have quite low incomes each but collectively can afford the monthly rent. They are so nice. We’ve met a few times and I have a good feeling about all of them. Can I ask what insurance you have taken out, if any? Thanks!

Hi Murphy, yes it’s still going great with them, they have been in for just over 18 months now and treat the place with so much respect. I did inspections at 6 and 12 months (will now do them yearly after being satisfied with these) and they were quick to point out and defects themselves and rectify them (for example one of their children had broken the bathroom tap but they replaced it) I had Landlord insurance for the first year via More Th>n and now I have it via Axa. It costs me around £20.50 per month and I think that includes rental income protection I can’t remember off the top of my head but it wasn’t the cheapest option it was a reasonable level of cover for damages etc

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and you said they came as “moderate risk” I have had a few like that and turned out O K.